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Cleaning Room Cleaning

The Master Custodial Service Difference

Master Custodial Service has made the investment necessary both in equipment and training to provide the highly trained staff and the latest technology available, along with our regular great customer service and quality of work, to provide your Cleanroom with the quality care and environmental support necessary to offer the pristine environment you want.

Lab Worker Holding a Silicon Wafer

What is a Cleanroom?

A Cleanroom is a specially designed & constructed room in which the air supply, air distribution, filtration of air supply, materials of construction, and operating procedures, are regulated to control airborne particle concentrations to meet appropriate cleanliness levels.

What is a particle?

A Particle is a very small discrete mass of solid or liquid matter, usually measured in microns.

Controlling Particles

Particles may be isolated by containing them at the source of generation. It is difficult because the assoicates and the processes in the cleanroom are the largest source of contamination.

Typical Operating Room

Fighting Contamination

Where Does It Come From?

Equipment, material and processes in the Cleanroom produce contamination but, the largest single controllable source of contamination enters the Cleanroom with the people that work there.

Master Custodial Service will work with your staff to reduce the amount of foreign particles and contamination that enter your Cleanroom. This makes your environment provide a longer useable time frame between our necessary Cleanroom cleaning process.

Ways to Reduce Contamination

There are many ways to reduce contamination into your Cleanroom environment. Here are just a few. Please contact Master Cutodial Service for a free estimate and a comprehensive stufy of how you can improve your Cleanroom and make it more efficient.


  • Gowning should be done from the head down. Donning the hood first, prevents
    particles from the head, from falling on the garments.
  • Jumpsuit legs must be roll up to prevent touching the floor while being pulled on.
  • Boots should fasten over the legging
  • Hair Covers must cover ALL exposed hair
  • Bouffant type head covers should not be reused.
  • Proper Size Garments must be used

Restricted Activites

  • Food, Drink, Gum and Tobacco Products
  • Lubricants, Petroleum Products
  • Aerosols
  • Duct Tape, Cardboard, Leather
  • Cutting or Grinding


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