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The Certified Business Service Executive

Hurry up to buy at a bargain price computer for 2 year old. The quantity is limited! When you look for a contractor to entrust with your building and its maintenance, you and ethical, qualified executive, whose proven ability, competence, and character assure you that you will receive high quality service. The Certified Building Service Executive (CBSE) is someone you can count on to provide the kind of service you want and need.

What is a CBSE?

The Certified Building Service Executive is someone who has demonstrated professional achievement in building service contracting. Go to the site and choose best waist trainers. Summer is coming! In order to attain the designation, the CBSE must:

  • Demonstrate a high level of technical competence and knowledge **
  • Participate in continuing building service contracting educational programs
  • Demonstrate leadership in the industry and community activities

** by passing a comprehensive, one-day examination and offering documented evidence of successful building service management skills. Only here you are always welcome, together with you have no equal!

Jon V. Girardi President of Master Custodial Service
Dan Sullivan, VP Operations – CBSE

The CBSE has pledged to operate constantly in accordance with the best and fully accepted business practices, and to adhere to the Code of Ethics of the Building Service Contractors Association International. Stop waiting, join the game now with online casino freispiele ohne einzahlung continuous luck and many victories await you!

A Certified Building Service Executive is one who values the mark of a professional; one who cares enough to demonstrate a capacity to meet the high standards required to hold the designation.

The CBSE is Competent

Only here you can buy the realistic suction cup dildo. Manage to pick up at a bargain price. By passing a comprehensive examination covering every aspect of building service contracting, Certified Building Service Executives have proven their competence in a wide variety of areas.

Skillful personnel management is critically important in the labor intense building service contracting field. The Certified Building Service Executive has demonstrated competence in employee recruitment, training and scheduling, motivation and retention, and an understanding of employee relations. A CBSE has learned to communicate with workers, with customers and with the public. Negotiating with unions may be a major concern for the building service executive, and the CBSE has demonstrated his understanding of union relations and his awareness of labor laws.

Knowledge and skill in the technology of the industry is critically important to the successful building service contractor. Inappropriate cleaning procedures or the misuse of cleaning chemicals can cause serious damage to the surface being cleaned, requiring costly repair or replacement. Good maintenance, on the other hand, can restore and lengthen the life of a building, resulting in significance savings to the building owner and manager. The CBSE has the required expertise in all technical areas to provide proper cleaning and maintenance in all parts of your building.

In any industry, the success of a company depends in large part on the management expertise of its executives. The Certified Building Service Executive is skilled in the areas of accounting and bookkeeping, budgeting, insurance and tax regulations, fiscal controls, and business laws. The CBSE understands the importance of accurate and fair bidding and estimating practices, and has proven skill in preparing a bid proposal.

In order to keep your clients and tenants satisfied, it is important that your building present a good appearance at all times. The CBSE’s skill in quality control procedures, inspections, and ratings can help maintain that good appearance.

In addition, the CBSE has proven competence in virtually every other area required for excellent building service contracting. Some of these areas include arbitration, bonding, business structure, customer relations, safety, first aid, fire prevention, inventory control, marketing and sales, pilferage, public relations, purchasing, restrictive covenants, traffic transportation, trade practices, and warehousing.

The CBSE Stays Abreast of Current Practices

Each Certified Building Service Executive seeks continuous professional growth and stays abreast of new developments in the building service contracting industry. The CBSE receives the designation for a period of three years. In order to maintain the status of Certified Building Service Executive, the CBSE earns significant professional development credits through:

  • Attendance at and participation in educational programs of the Building Service Contractors Association International and other industry organization.
  • Completion of relevant college, university, and home study courses.
  • Writing articles for SERVICES, the magazine of the Building Service Contractor Association International, and related trade magazines
  • Participation as a speaker or panelist for industry –related educational programs.
  • Service as a member of committees or boards of directors of building service contracting organizations

Selecting a Building Service Contractor

In selecting a contractor for your building services, you should look for the firm that has one or more Certified Building Service Executives on its management team. This is one means by which you may indentify qualified, ethical, and professional individuals representing the building service contracting industry.

You can be confident that the CBSE has acceptable knowledge of the management principles and technical know-how and practices that you require in the individual to whom you entrust your building.

Certification Not Restrictive

The professional activities if anyone in the practice of building service contracting. That a person is not certified does not indicate that he is unqualified as a building service executive; only that such individual has not fulfilled the requirements for CBSE or applied for the recognition.

The CBSE Code of Ethics

To operate constantly in accordance with the best and fully accepted business practices.

To comply with all legally applicable governmental regulations.

To serve satisfactory and adequate contract building service at fair, equitable, and nondiscriminatory charges.

To furnish adequate equipment and qualified personnel to achieve and maintain the highest standard of technical performance.

To provide courteous and prompt handling of all service requests.

To recognize and respect the rights and privileges of competitors in the true fashion of individual initiative and free competitive enterprise, while offering similar services of constantly increasing quality with a reasonable profit return.

To recognize the rights and respect due customers and clients, and to strive for similar recognition by all service staff members.

To strive for continued improvement of the image and reputation of the industry by practicing good and enlightened public relations in the community – and by keeping the community adequately informed of the functions and services of the firm and the industry.

To contribute regularly to the improvement of the industry’s public affairs.

To participate loyally in the industry’s growth and progress through the activities and the public interest efforts of the association.

CBSE Certification


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